Annisokay (D)

Annisokay is a 5-piece up and coming post-hardcore act reigning in from Halle, Germany. They have laid their foundation with a driving rhythmic and melodic back-bone that brings to life soulful singing with earth-quaking screams. On their debut LP “The Lucid Dream[er]” (released Oct 2012), the band took the concepts of nightmares and lucid dreaming and explored the depths of the human mind by applying these dream metaphors to everyday situations in life. See and hear the perfect example of this in their music video of the track entitled "Sky”. The song received a huge positive resonance from their fanbase and got over 200.000 views on youtube by now. In January 2013 the band signed with the japanese label RADTONE MUSIC, which successfully released their current album in March within the borders of Japan. The release of their stunning music video for "Monstercrazy", directed by the guitarist and singer of the band, brought them even more attention overseas. Annisokay is a team of musical workaholics, so they recently released an intense interpretation of Miley Cyrus' number one hit "Wrecking Ball", while they are writing on their next release, which is going to be produced by famous producer Joey Sturgis in February 2014.



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16. Juli 2016

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